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I am Jack E. Madsen III, a licensed architect in the states of California and Utah for the past 32 years. In my early days I earned my way through architectural school through my professional photography studio work with my photographer partner Dennis Davis. As I finished architectural school I began to concentrate on architectural design leaving my professional photography duties to my partner and friend and now after many years as lead architect and project manager, having completed architectural commissions for many corporate and private clients, in 2014 I begin a second transition – this time from a prime focus on architectural design to a focus on professional architectural photography. Needless to say architecture and photography have been my creative life blood for the past 45 years. Hopefully, my work shown here will cast a favorable light on both professions. While the prime focus of this site and my work today is on the built environment I am still enthused to present some of my other photographic interests – the serious, the every day, and just fun (have a look at my "Other Projects" menu). I hope that a few of my images will not only provide documentation but offer a new way of seeing or possibly just a smile.

Jack - 2014

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